5 amazing Space Odyssey facts you didn’t (and still don’t) know

2001 Schwartzeneger
Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally cast as Heywood Floyd, but he stormed out in a huff after reading the script and realizing Lolita was not in this movie.

2001 Kub Polariod 1
Stanley Kubrick, in a bold artistic flourish, set out to film the movie by taking Polaroid pictures, then stringing them together. The need to make 30 photographs for a single second of screen time caused him to abandon the plan early, to the relief of a skeptical cast and crew.

2001 Irish River dance
Plans to make a musical were scrapped after disagreement about genre. Kubrick and William Sylvester wanted an Irish River Dance….
2001 DISCO Arthur
… while Arthur C. Clarke insisted on Disco!

2001 Keir and Stanley's special friendship
Keir Dullea and Stanley Kubrick occasionally escaped the set’s hustle bustle by getting away for a little “we time!”