Born George Morrison in 1958 in Indianapolis and raised in New Albany, Ind., Brian Arbenz (the name he legally took in 2014) writes of his crazy and prescient 1978 encounter with Mitch McConnell in “Lost And Found in Louisville,” one of his three books.
Brian writes commentaries and news online and did so for newspapers, magazines and wire services from his college years in the late 1970s until 2011, when he finished a 21-year stint as editor of FORsooth, the monthly newspaper of the Fellowship of Reconciliation Louisville chapter.
Brian believes in conflict resolution, a matter he has researched, promoted and practiced as a volunteer mediator between offenders and victims of crimes.
In this era of stoked hostility, Brian’s bent toward reconciliation is one of his many unorthodox ways which shape his personal reflections, sharp commentaries and offbeat observations to topple many widely accepted myths about our world.
Read on, to see what Brian’s unbridled and colorful mind can show you!


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